Propane is an environmentally friendly choice you can make today. Because propane burns cleaner, works harder, and operates smarter, choosing propane means you can help reduce greenhouse emissions, save energy, and protect the environment.

Propane delivery truck

We offer a variety of solutions to satisfy your propane needs. Our auto fill program gives you the peace of mind that your propane tank will not run dry. Deliveries on the auto fill program start September 1st and run through April 30th, with a truck stopping by to top off your tank approximately once every four weeks during that time. We also offer a prepay program. Deliveries for prepaid propane start September 1st. Please call our Mound Valley, Oswego, or Coffeyville branch if you would like to sign up for our auto fill program. In addition, if you would like to fill your tank just once, call Mound Valley, Oswego, or Coffeyville and we will have the propane delivered to you either that day or the next day.

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Coming Soon: Oklahoma Propane.

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Prepaid Propane

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