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  • Welcome to Bartlett Co-op

    Welcome to Bartlett Co-op

    The Bartlett Co-op Association is a patron owned agriculture cooperative with 7 locations in Southeast Kansas and 1 in NE Oklahoma. We sell a wide variety of products including feed, fertilizer, chemicals, fuel, and other agricultural products.
    Serving our Patrons With Pride!
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Custom Mixes

The Bartlett Co-op Assn. is very proud of our ability to make custom feed rations.  What are custom feed rations?  It is a feed made especially for your animal or pet’s specific needs or wants.  A feed that you can create using highly developed nutritional knowledge with old fashioned ingredients such as corn and oats. We have a lengthy list of feed ingredients that will enhance any ration you want ranging from 100% all natural to a particular medication for a sick animal.   This service is provided so you have the opportunity to choose how you will feed your animals.  If you want to feed your animals the same fancy bag with a generic tag everyone else is feeding, this service is not for you!!!  With our custom mixed feed you will know every ingredient that is in your feed and you can change those ingredients anytime you want.

Please call the Bartlett or Edna office to order your own mix of feed or speak with someone who can help you formulate a ration to suit your needs. 

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