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  • Welcome to Bartlett Co-op

    Welcome to Bartlett Co-op

    The Bartlett Co-op Association is a patron owned agriculture cooperative with 7 locations in Southeast Kansas and 1 in NE Oklahoma. We sell a wide variety of products including feed, fertilizer, chemicals, fuel, and other agricultural products.
    Serving our Patrons With Pride!
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Feed Boxes

Give a lift to your farm truck by installing a new feedbox on the back. It ensures easy transportation of the feed you need to give your livestock at an affordable price. We offer different sizes to fit on the back of your truck while holding up to 2,000 lbs of feed. The Bartlett Co-op installs J&K Manufacturing's feed boxes which are locally made in Edna, KS.

  • Come into the Trailer and Bed Center location to talk about some of the options we have such as a 900 lb. 1,100 lb. 1,500 lb. 2,000 lb. or a custom-built feed box.
  • All feedboxes are chain-driven to help reduce waste.
  • If you need scales in your box or a counter, we can do that as well. 


1500 Pound Feed Box Specifications


  • 14 Gauge Bin
  • Seams Welded Inside and Outside.
  • 2" Angle Iron Legs
  • Sher-Kem©High Gloss Metal Finishing Enamel for Extended Protection.
  • Full Opening Full Door
  • 24" Spout
  • Rain Cover Over Spout
  • 4" Auger Standard  (6" Available).
  • Leeson 3/4 HP Continuous Duty Motor.
  • Chain Drive.
  • 69" x 24" x 30" 
  • Custom Length Built on Request

Custom Add-Ons available upon request


  • Tool Box
  • Ground Opening Lid
  • Peep Light
  • Sight Glass
  • Lights